This is for you if ..

  • Get stubborn body fat.

  • Inconsistent energy.

  • Cross Browser Supported

  • Don't sleep as well as you would like.

  • Wake up feeling tired.

  • Anxious or stressed.

  • Low sex drive.

  • Testosterone might be low.

In the next 14 minutes I'm going to show you a step by step system we use to
overhaul our top performers and turn them into savages


when we say savages, we don't mean Mike Tyson savage.


We mean they're blokes who get whatever they want in life

Guys like James, CEO of Sales Sniper, who has taken his company from $200k/month up to $400k/month, reduced his stress while managing 42 employees, lost fat and regained his energy while working with us

(He actually gets us to coach his whole company too)

Or guys like Marcus, owner of Nortek Mining Developments, who came to us with Acid reflux, poor sleep, huge stress, painful joints (shoulders and knees) and low efficiency at work

He now has ZERO health issues, is competing at a national level in armwrestling, and has made Nortek one of the largest mining contractors in Australia​

Mountain Analogy

Or guys like Adam, who was addicted to morphine, on antidepressants, had suicidal thoughts, and wasn't the father to his kids or husband to his wife that he wanted to be (it's a long interview, but worth the watch if you can relate)​

And those are just 3 examples

(you can check out hundreds of other testimonials at the bottom of the page)

Here's the point...

These guys are more successful in all areas of their life on autopilot

They're High Performance men 24/7/365

But, they weren't always like this

Here's how we got them there...

I want you to think of achieving what you want to achieve as climbing a massive mountain

At the summit is where you want to be.

Your goal.

Your lifelong vision.

Success in business, wealth, looking how you want to, feeling how you want, relationships, family, sex...

This is all the way at the top

It's a long way up

There's no path

There are loads of obstacles at every step

It's not easy

Most people FAIL this climb

Here are the 4 reasons why

1. They don't know what summit they're climbing.

Is it the summit to fat loss?

Is it the summit of a wife and kids?

Is it a summit for business?

A combination of all?

There are thousands of summits they can choose, but they don't know which one they're climbing.

We need to find what is the summit to them.

What do they truly want to achieve in life?

What is their big vision? What is their legacy?

We can't reach the top if we don't know where the top is, what it looks like, if we don't know anything about it

We need crystal clear clarity

Without it, we don't reach the summit - or worse, we reach the wrong summit

All that blood, sweat and tears, and we feel empty at the top

2. They Don't Have A Compass

The compass tells us if we're heading in the right direction in life. This represents our values - the things that are important to us. Family, friends, wealth, time, freedom, flexibility - what matters to YOU

And what do you want to keep in your life as you climb?

If you don't have these mapped out, you can summit. But you will reach the wrong summit

3. They Don't Have A Map

They don't have a plan for how they need to prime their energy, laser in their focus, peak their body or peak their mind in order to summit.

They're going on the biggest climb of their life, without a single detail of how they're going to make it happen

Should we climb Mt Everest without preparation? Of course we shouldn't.

That would be insane.

So why should we climb for our lifelong vision without preparation?

4. They Don't Have  A Guide

No one to point them to the summit.

No one to show them how to read their map or compass.

No one to help them get more energy when their energy is low, or bring back focus when they're distracted, or get them back on track when they're lost

If you want to climb that mountain, you're going to need 4 things;

     1. Clear vision of your summit
     2. A map of where you're going
     3. A compass so you're following the map correctly
     4. Support to keep you on track at all times

Now, you might be like most blokes...

You've probably tried climbing this mountain without a map, compass or support

And you probably made some decent progress, before you either rolled back down to the bottom of the mountain or got stuck and don't know how to get further

i.e. lost fat from your midsection, only for it to all come back on. Or your energy and drive isn't what it used to be and you can't quite get the recipe to fix it

If you had a map, a compass and support you would probably be at the top already - right?

That's why we give all of our clients these four things

1. Plan Your Summit

There are 3 key areas all men have at this summit; success, health and family (in no particular order)

Once we know what your summit is we can start planning the climb

2. Calibrate Your Compass

These represent your values and determine the direction we take on the map.

What are the most important things in your life, and what do you want to experience along the way?

For some fellas this means balancing work with family.

Others want to get shredded while still maintaining a social life.

Others want all out world domination.

What is it YOU need in order to reach the summit fulfilled and loving life?

3. Create The Map

What steps do you need to take every single day to perform at your peak?

We plan out exactly what you need to do to boost your energy to its peak, make sure your motivation and drive are always constant, ensure your sleep is deep and high quality, optimise you testosterone levels

We prime your body and your mind for optimal performance - in all areas of life

4. Continual Guidance

As you're climbing the mountain you'll encounter obstacles because life is dynamic!

It's constantly shifting.

When shifts occur, we're here to make it so you adapt to them

We help you predict the landslides before they occur.

We help you maintain your oxygen levels so you don't burn out.

We're constantly watching over you - either leading from the front or supporting you by the side

Great question - thankyou for asking, Willy

We've taken thousands of sets of data to create a system which allows us to predict what our clients need.

We call this the HPM pyramid of health

Here's how it works

(excuse my crappy drawing)

1. Nervous System

This refers to your brain and the nerves throughout your body.

These regulate fat loss, energy, mood, emotion, drive, motivation, hormone levels, digestion, muscle gain, immunity - literally every bodily process imaginable.

This nervous system is the root cause of all success and all failure. If we nail this, we can nail the summit

Here's an example - have you noticed that when you are stressed for a long period of time you gain fat, get anxious, sleep more poorly, your focus is poor, sex drive goes down, and life feels harder?

Good luck climbing to the top with all that going on!

Not going to happen

We fix this, your climb all of a sudden becomes effortless - just like James, Marcus and Dan

2. Next is the digestive system

This regulates all food and nutrients coming in and out of the body.

More nutrient absorption = better physical AND mental performance.

Plus it regulates our hormones - impacting testosterone, stress hormones (i.e. cortisol) and fat storage hormones

If this is on point, you'll have the energy and drive you need 24/7/365

3. Hormones

These work for the digestive and nervous systems

Testosterone gives us;

energy, drive, motivation, helps us lose fat/gain muscle and makes us feel like a fucking man.

Cortisol manages our stress - too much and we start getting sick, anxious, depressed and fat

It’s well recognised that the worlds’ most successful men - athletes, entrepreneurs, leaders within the community - have elevated testosterone and better management of cortisol

Optimise these and you'll be able to lose stubborn belly fat, improve your energy, and have optimal motivation 24/7/365

4. The Immune System

This is regulated by the nervous system, digestive system, and hormones.

If this is out of whack we will be sick, have stiff/worn out joints - sore backs, stiff knees, won't recover, feel brain foggy, have low energy, poor sleep and terrible motivation

When we fix this you'll be able to keep pushing through the long days and hours effortlessly - and that’s the key to summiting.

Consistency over a long period of time

No one wants to lose fat, have amazing energy, boost their testosterone or have great focus for a day.

We want it for our WHOLE LIFE!

5. The rest

If we maintain the base 4 levels of the body the rest will flow easily.

Here's where we optimise nutrition, training, movement patterns and keep you at your peak

This is the icing on the cake

Have you ever eaten just the icing of the cake?

It’s nice to start with, but gets old quickly. The right balance is having a good cake:icing ratio

Most people focus on just the icing. You've probably seen that before - diets, calories, macros, exercise is all health people know how to talk about

And that’s why they get the results they do - they’re shit

96% of all people who start a diet gain back all the weight they lost

Men have lower levels of testosterone than ever

87% of all people have low energy and motivation

Just focusing on ‘The Rest’ doesn’t work

You need to first make a solid foundation using the 4 fundamental base components - nervous system, digestion, hormones and immune system

Using this system is how we've helped thousands of high performance men like James, Marcus and Dan crush it in business, health and relationships

If you want to do this, we can help you too. We've done this climb thousands of times

Here's what you need to do to make it to the summit

1. Imagine yourself at 100 years old.

You're in hospital.

You're frail.


Smelly. Feeding tube down your throat.

Catheter in your old fella.

You're knocking on death's door.

What life do you want to look back on?

What summit do you want to spend your like living on?

2. And after you've imagined that, think about what happens if you don't do anything.

If you exit this page, take no action and spend the rest of your life looking up at the summit

Wondering what you could have achieved if you had a crack.

Are you cool with that or not?

If you're ok with that - then good luck and I wish you a life of happiness

If you're not ok with that...

then welcome to the club

If you don't want to experience the pain of regret, if you don’t want to live the rest of your life knowing you could have been better, click the button below to schedule a call

In this call we will help you plan your summit, calibrate your compass, make your map, and decide what you need in a guide

You can then choose if you see value in engaging us on a consulting basis

To schedule a call, click the link below

I look forwards to having you up here on the summit with James, Marcus, Dan, Myself and the thousands of other men we've had incredible results with

See What Some of These Blokes Did 👇👇👇

Working hard takes a toll on your body. I’ve been concreting since I was 15 and I can tell you now that my body was pretty buggered.


 Mentally and physically. 


I’ve been working with James for over 18 months now and we’ve pretty much got me back to my peak.


I think better, clearer, and easier. I move better.


 I feel better.


I never knew how much those neurotransmitters effect your body, but geez they help.


If you want to be better and get rid of those crappy things that happen as you age give this plan a go.