How To Lose Stubborn Fat...

(WIthout Crazy Dieting or Hours of Cardio)

Watch this video to learn how I leverage the "Hierarchy of Health" to lose fat with less effort...


Its crazily effective

Some of the people


we've worked with...

Hi Mate,

Since beginning the program I have noticed a huge increase in quality of sleep as well as reduction in stress and anxiety levels.

When I first began I was like a bear with a sore head always on edge, id lay awake for hours trying to get sleep and the slightest sound would wake me.


Now im chill, I feel relaxed and full of energy.

I sleep when my head hits the pillow and i wake ready to crush the day.

I feel like I am gaining muscle getting bigger and stronger all the time.

No more headaches or constant muscle tension.


Theres a new Marty in town lol.



From Marty Bradley

Coming up nearly 2 months Ive been with JCF and Harry as my coach, and what I can say apart from I feel awesome, who knew what I thought “feeling good” was before was to now is so far apart.


Really getting in a rhythm with my daily routine and everything doesn't seem like such a chore or program anymore its just becoming normal daily practice.


Because of this , its showing in my sleep patterns to the point that its day after day good sleep, that even if i'm not getting my 7 or more hours sleep Im still getting great quality of 5 or 6 hrs.


If you start to doubt these daily practices youve put in place arent working try your old eating habits for even half a day and you’ll feel like dog shit inside and out.


The change is for the better. Cheers Harry


From Dylan Parker, 6 weeks in. 

I’ve been on the programme about a month now, first two weeks were torture.


Changing long embedded habits, no gluten, no dairy, cut the sugar, stop the beers in the afternoon after work, start preparing healthier meals, seemed insurmountable, but with the support of JCF staff and my coach, after the first week lost 2kgs.


My digestion improved out of sight, even stopped taking Nexium for indigestion. 


Another 2kgs in the next week and i started to see a change in myself.

Had started the exercise but was slow to recover so didn't push it too far.

Then the supplements arrived and my recovery improved, so pushed myself a little harder, my sleep started improving, and with the meditation and yoga every night I found my whole emotional side changing for the better.


So 1 month in and I’ve dropped 9Kgs in total, from 87.5kg  to 78.5kg, Im exercising better, eating better and feeling so much better.

So if your hesitating about taking it on and your willing to put in the work, do it, you wont regret it.

From Chris Pitkin

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